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BigTeef Suggestions

  • I call it the shovel. The point of the shovel is increase instances of spawning tech parts and having a slower gathering rate than the hammer. To give the impression you are digging through the scrap to find that piece.
A Scrap Node takes 4.50 seconds to deplete with a Sledge Hammer and 6.60 seconds with a Hammer. (Taken from the Foxhole wiki). I suggest a tool that would take about 9 to 10 seconds or near those numbers to farm a node.

Basically 2 ticks per hit. Just need to adjust the animation speed to compensate the timing. 
A scrap pile is about 30 worth. 
Shovel 2 per hit = 15 swings
Hammer is 5 per hit = 6 swings
Sledge is 10 per hit = 3 swings 

I would lock it to only scrap piles for simplicity to be honest because I can't imagine digging fuel or components. Sulfur maybe but you would need to dig like 28 times and that makes me go bleh.

  • The respawn rate scrap piles is about 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Same with components. I think you can shave that off by 20 seconds making it just 3 minutes without noticeably impacting game-play. And making farming a little faster. 
  • Upgraded truck. 100 refined materials gives you a truck with 25 slots to play with. And 4 person capacity. People have suggested crafting like a trailer or some kind of attachment to put on the truck. I think that would just cause some problems along the line because trucks have enough issues when it comes to tight spaces and delivering supplies. And that would just cause more clogging if you have a bigger hitbox. So I suggest just a truck with more carrying capacity that matches the truck size and trades off occupancy. 
  • Make the sledge hammer do damage against buildings, poor mans way to destroying structures and walls that won't waste explosives or ammo. Takes forever. But wont cost you resources and forces people to cooperate to take down a structure if they want it fast and efficient. 
  • An upgrade to barbwire that causes bleed. No damage just bleed. Causes bleed upon wrenching forcing people to carry bandages.
  • Remove bleed from pistols and buff the dmg by 2 points and increase the firing rate by 8%
  • Power tool to speed up building. A hammer does 1 point per hit. A little power drill can do 2 points per hit and is 5% faster. I would make it a late war tech next to radio backpacks. Speeds up building making it easier for solo builders to get projects done faster or group building and repairing vehicles. 
  • An in-game timer you can use and multiple instances of timers running that you change the labels of. Helping logi with their cooking efficiency. Example: A square you type a number in and has a pause and play button. And does a count down using the timing speed that matches factories and refineries. We technically already use timers but open a tab in our browser and use google timers or some shit. 
  • Upgraded watch towers. 50 Rmats, increases the field of view by 15%
  • Upgraded tank traps. 30 Rmats, makes a wall that can block tanks rather than just be a square. Increasing the hitbox. 
  • Fortress Gate, 100 Rmats. A gate that you can open without exiting combat vehicles and has higher stability than a regular gate. 



  • Ricky_BobRicky_Bob Administrator
    I agree on quite a bit here.

    I'm a little town on faster scrap respawn. To farm scrap faster, that's what you have scrap mines for. I think the intention for scrap mines is so you get scrap faster. If you make scrap respawn faster, then it kinda makes scrap mines pointless.

    An upgraded truck would be amazing but I doubt it will come any time soon. The devs definitely have 500 other things on their to do list that they'd rather make first. As a fellow logi player, being able to haul more would be life changing and would make logi a bit funner. I just dont personally see it coming any time soon.

    It would be cool to make sledgehammers destroy buildings, but it should take at least 3x as long to destroy as it would to build. Maybe even longer. It would be great for breaching enemy walls, or destroying something that you accidentally placed in a bad spot. On the same note, they should stop punishing players for destroying their own structures. I'm not sure if i'll see that change any time soon.

    Upgraded barbwires would be cool. I think it would awesome if you can upgrade barbwires to have two lines on the bottom with a third line of wire on top and if you ran into it, you'd lose a bit of health. I'm not sure if bleeding is the right answer because it would be ridiculous to bleed out to death because you touched some barbwire. Also upgraded barbwire would take longer to get out of.

    As far as pistols, why remove bleed? That makes no sense. People bleed from pistols in real life lol. I agree on buffing the damage but increasing fire rate.

    I'm not sure what kind of power tools they had during that time era. Personally I highly doubt they'll ever speed up building.. They want it to take a while.

    In-game timer sounds like something that would take them away from working on things more important since we can set timers on the computer and etc. I don't see that coming any time soon. It would be cool to see countdowns on our factory items while we're away in another menu somewhere but I doubt it will come anytime soon.

    Upgraded watch towers would be cool. Would be handy.

    The current tank traps we have set up now are pretty effective. I guess you mean to make tank traps laid down like barbwire is?

    And fortress gate would be nice. I'd say that there should be a gate thats harder to destroy but takes 300 rmats since it's a pretty big deal to have one due to the strength of it.

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