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Xanxth's User Interface Suggestion

XanxthXanxth United StatesMember, Administrator, Forum Moderator
Bro, so lets just imagine you were front-lining so hard.....
and you happened to accidently press spawn at home base!
Now your spawn is reset!

I am advocating for a confirmation popup when you click spawn at home base. 2 options, plus a check box.
1:No, I do not want to spawn @ HQ.
2: Yes, I want to spawn @ HQ and loose my spawn point.
Checkbox: Do you want to be prompted with are you sure, when clicking spawn at HQ. This will disable the are you sure promp until you have spawned at a HQ.

Now, don't let me get started with the tech center, more on SHIFT-E and thousands of backpacks----coming soon!



  • XanxthXanxth United StatesMember, Administrator, Forum Moderator
  • Ricky_BobRicky_Bob Administrator

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