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User Interface Suggestion

XanxthXanxth United StatesMember, Administrator, Forum Moderator
edited October 2019 in Game Ideas / Brainstorming
Bro, so lets just imagine you were front-lining so hard.....
and you happened to accidently press spawn at home base!
Now your spawn is reset!

I am advocating for a confirmation popup when you click spawn at home base. 2 options, plus a check box.
1:No, I do not want to spawn @ HQ.
2: Yes, I want to spawn @ HQ and loose my spawn point.
Checkbox: Do you want to be prompted with are you sure, when clicking spawn at HQ. This will disable the are you sure promp until you have spawned at a HQ.

Now, don't let me get started with the tech center, more on SHIFT-E and thousands of backpacks----coming soon!

End Of Home Base Spawn

Technology Center
Please review the following video(below the image); at 13:24 you can see a demonstration of the old technology center, and how you had to confirm your tech. You can clearly see in the video, this noob would've wasted his tech if it was the current world conquest.
End Of The Technology Center

The Shift+E Menu

The Shift E menu can become pretty hectic, pretty fast, when on the front, and your FOB just died!(builders im looking at you scrambling!!!)
So the FOB just went down, you are walking to ur truck to evacuate. Theres like 20 backpacks on the floor, not to mention a traffic jam of trucks. You are just trying to get into your truck but which "BACKPACK" and which "TRANSPORT TRUCK" is yours?
==========The following context is added in order of top to bottom, of the text added in the picture.===========
Move cars to top of list OR add tabs.
Color Code Cars.
Yellow= The last car you locked(or drove?)
Red= an enemy last locked/used this vehicle
Green= a friendly last locked/used this vehicle.

So many times I have been at a FOB thathas just died, trying to put my bmats back into my truck... but theres 20 trucks and 20 backpacks, stuff on the floor, and grenades are blowing up and causing the shift E menu to grow exponentially!

End of the Shift+E Menu

Friends List
more coming on the friends list soon.
#can we msg our warden friends and commend them too? He did a great job at killing me!
End of the Friends List




  • XanxthXanxth United StatesMember, Administrator, Forum Moderator
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