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[2RCB] 2º Regimento Colonial Brasileiro (2nd Brazilian Colonial Regiment)

2º Regimento Colonial Brasileiro (2RCB)

Greetings, fellow colonial. We are a brand new Brazilian clan. We have many veteran members with more than 1000hrs of gameplay and we strive to become one of the most respected clans in the Colonial side someday.

We are focused on all aspects of combat, from advanted logistics and supporting infrastructure to direct combat and special operations. We're seeking to establish alliances with other Colonial clans(specially the smaller ones) to promote collaborative missions with. Our main goal is to achieve a higher level of expertise in game and intensely train/sharpen our clan to provide much needed support in the frontlines and, most importantly, the skirmish isles.

2RCB is actively recruiting Portuguese speaking players to its team and also installing embassies in other international clans for future interactions. Our group of players is currently working at multiple distinct features in order to improve. Professionalism and dependability are our primary concern.
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