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Forum Icons and other tweaks

Ricky_BobRicky_Bob Administrator
edited December 2018 in Forum Announcements

  • Added a bunch of forum icons to help each category stand out a little more. If you have suggestions on them feel free to let me know.
  • Added forum stats on the right side panel.
  • Removed categories from the side panel(came default with the original forum software). When you opened up a small category, you'd see this massive side panel. Way too cluttered. Sometimes less is more.
  • Tweaking minor colors here and there(like when you were making a post/comment, the quote box had a white background with white text over it..eww. Fixed that). If Foxhole staff/devs/moderators join in the future, i'll be able to make each comment/post block stand out a little more with various color styles, icons/images, and etc to represent each one of their roles. Will do the same for moderators when I eventually get forum moderators. Kinda like how blizzard does it on their world of warcraft forums. I've seen other forums do it too. I kinda already did it for the administrator role. :P
  • I'd like to continue adding additional functionality to make things easier for people. Maybe in the future various icons to represent how long someone has been around. I'll probably have to manually program in but it would be a fun challenge.

To come:

  • Bunch of more emoji's. Would like to add some twitch style emojis and Foxhole style emojis. If you'd like to help out with that, feel free to message me.
  • Maybe a button on each post to share it to Reddit. It would help with more exposure. Anything we can do to promote the forums more, the better. It's a little bit of a challenge because even the game itself is still in its infancy stage and has a little over 100k total players as of now, but I have high expectations that the game is going to have over a million soon.

If you're a developer and would like to help out a little or maybe even join the Foxhole Forums development process, feel free to message me.

If you have any suggestions you'd like to see added, changed, or removed, feel free to submit it to the suggestions category.  

--------------- Foxhole Forums Webmaster ---------------
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