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First BT encounter

KegamushaKegamusha CanadaMember
edited December 2018 in Media
I had known that there had been enemy BT's made the night before. I mass produced as many LT's I could make, since they had just been researched. Once the force caught wind of all the LT's, they were sent to multiple locations. I arrived to the front three LT's , two had full crews and one was manned by a friend; all were ready to help defend the front.  Enemies were pushing hard and that 's when we saw it. The enemy BT was ready and waiting once we arrived. We pushed forward and got some good shots in, one of our LT's was set aflame. We repaired and continued pushing but the BT was nowhere to be seen. Where had it gone?
"BT, BT ,BT right side!" We had caught the BT with its pants down. Three LT's took out the enemy BT! I later found these images of the encounter.
Images from : NixSix (foxhole discord)


  • Ricky_BobRicky_Bob Administrator
    Nice post. That feeling coming across your first enemy BT is always a little shocking. I had my first enemy BT encounter when I was lone wolfin with a friend in westgate. They didn't see us thankfully lol.

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  • KegamushaKegamusha CanadaMember
    One of the first BT takedowns the foxhole discord was saying but just the thrill was worth it
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