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Known Bugs/Issues

I don't believe there are any major issues as of this time. Everything seems to be minor. If you find bugs that aren't listed, please let me know.

  • When making a long post, sometimes it likes to turn things into codeblocks. That's how this forum software came, and something I'd like to fix. I made the code blocks look the least like code syntax as possible(no various colors and etc) although it still likes to show a brighter color for some characters. Still working on this.
  • Not a bug, but a missing feature. You can't underline words apparently. I will have to code that in manually.
  • Colors of some things still look a little off. I'm working to nail as much as I can.
  • The colors are off on the tags drop down block.
  • When opening the large editor, the only way to close it is by clicking the little icon in the top right. I would like to make it so that there's a proper close button, and also when you click off of it, it closes.
  • Some of the buttons in the post editor don't function properly.

Still adding further improvements to everything.

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