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"Mistakes Were Made": Terrible Stories Thread

mothman47mothman47 VeliMember
edited April 2019 in Forum Discussion
So, I figure this is the best place to start posting a terrible story.

I remember the first time I met GROM. I was but a wee sergeant, standing just outside of Saltbrook, when the gentleman in question, commanding a tank all on his own, demanded that the infantry advance forward and protect him. Now I may not be a smart man, but for some reason, the small little part of my reptilian brain shot a synapse to the stem of my big swollen collie brain, I figured that maybe this man has a few screws loose. It was long after this incident that I learned that he had been released from a research lab with a bunch of cloned human husks (at least the scuttlebutt from others in FOD and in-game referred to such). It's kind of a strange thing. You forget people are behind the keyboard. Anyway, TL;DR, Grom is weird, and watching him in his natural habitat often leads to hilarity one way or another.


  • XanxthXanxth United StatesMember, Administrator, Forum Moderator
    edited April 2019
    While I don't necessarily approve/agree with your opinion on Grom, I felt like I should share a story!
         One time I was building at The Rest in Weathered Expanse because the Colonials had a foothold. I came across Grom, and he asked me to build! 
    He showed me these 3 boxes, 2 were full of rmats. Grom told me to finish these walls and he would come back. Once I finished I asked for guidance but he didn't come back. I used all those rmats on bunkers and walls, however forgot AT Guns!!!!
    Grom was VERY mad when the tanks came and my defenses didn't do anything!
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