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Adopt - A - Noob

XanxthXanxth United StatesMember, Administrator, Forum Moderator
edited April 2019 in Game Help
Hello new players, and players who want to learn more.
- Are you looking for a buddy, someone to show you the basics, someone to show you the advanced stuff, and someone you can ask questions?
- Do you feel like you would learn better tagging along with a veteran/joining a clan?

Here is your chance! Feel free to contact me(or any other participants) to be your mentor.
Be sure to inform your mentor of when you play, your timezone, what you like to do in the game/what you want to learn and any thing else important!
≡R≡ Xanxth

Discord: xanxth#9291 Rank: Brigadier General

Faction: Colonial

Hours: 3000+hours

Timezone: California(PST)

Play Time: I play from like 4PM-12/1AM each day. My days off work are thursday and friday

Roles: Builder, Emergency Logistics, Infantryman, NCO, CO
[101st] bblur


Faction: Nuetral(Currently Colonial)

Hours: A Lot

Timezone: USA-West Coast(PST)Play Time: Weekday Evenings, Weekends

Roles: Commander,Squad Leader, Armored Vehicles, Builder, Logisitcs, Infantryman

P.S. My spanish is whack!

Discord: "War Crimes" Moorep8#5709

Rank: Colonel

Faction: Colonial


Timezone: XXXXXX

Play Time:He plays 24/7

Roles: Builder, Colonial Commander(high command ;) ), He knows everything in the game.

PS. He hosts war crimes op's everyday, geared towards randoms.


  • XanxthXanxth United StatesMember, Administrator, Forum Moderator
    Please Contact Me on discord or via PM to become a mentor, or if you have any questions.
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