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What’s your favorite role?

XanxthXanxth United StatesMember, Administrator, Forum Moderator
edited April 2019 in Foxhole General Discussion
What is your favorite roll and why?
I love combat engineering because I feel like it improves my k/d ratio. I feel like also building is needed so I just do it...

I also love being infantry and killing with my bayonet, and being an nco, leading the frontline.
Sometimes I’ll try to command the entire front but that’s when shtf.


  • Ricky_BobRicky_Bob Administrator
    I like ciabatta rolls, potato rolls, pretzel rolls, concha rolls, hoagie rolls, sweet rolls, hawaiian rolls... OOH you meant role. Gotcha :P lol I'm just messin with ya.

    I like being loxens half track gunner. We kill a ridiculous amount of people in that thing. Sometimes I just like being a truck driver and delivering supplies to the front. It's an under appreciated job and I don't get the commends I used to for it, but it can make such a huge difference. Sometimes in certain situations, I like playing as a grenadier with the grenade launcher and sitting back far enough so I'm not in big harms way with about 30 grenades and lobbing them non stop at the enemy. It helps push enemy troops back pretty well.

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